How are you today? Whatever has brought you here today I know that we can agree great solutions are about creating human connections through the art of storytelling. Connecting the dots between institutions, people, and services, with design solutions and concise project management .

My experiences curating and exhibiting art work translates into digital and technological practice with the ability to critique and critically engage with design and design practice. It is important to be able to contextualize and understand critically what design and practices are, why and how data based decisions work, which ideas teams and members of teams have come up with. Looking at design beyond a personal understanding, being able to take others work and ideas and integrate your own experiences to allow for great design and usability.

As a creative and a maker, when I hear “can’t”, the only response is “how can we?”. Using agile and iterative design thinking and research practices, I look at creating solutions. My openness and ability to transform strategy into action, create evolution.