V-Orange App

Native Application v.s. Web Application

V-Orange  (web-based app) is Viessmann Manufacturing (CA) curated portal for homeowners, installers/contractors, and administration to access important tools and information.

V-Orange Web App

“For three generations, Viessmann has been providing comfortable, efficient and environmentally-responsible heating solutions, tailored to the needs of the market. With ongoing research and development and a focus on product innovation, Viessmann has pioneered technologies that have continuously set standards and made the company into a technological innovator and pacesetter of the entire industry.”
Viessmann Canada

Previous Vito App

VitoApp was built in WordPress by a third-party developer. While the app was useful for a lot of contractors there was many insights that were problematic that we aimed to fix by transitioning to a web based app.


To begin we used a variety of research methods to be able to assess current user engagement with the native Vito App. Our key findings came from:

  • Using statistic from Native WordPress App
  • User Surveys
  • Ethnographic research


  • administrative personnel processing warranty claims and product registration from their offices was cumbersome.
  • Contractors working in remote areas could not register product (lack of data/wi-fi)
  • Viessmann internal personal were reliant on third party developers to make changes
  • Many of the administrative and back end work flows were managed in archaic methods

User Motivations

User Personas

User Tasks

  • Register product
  • Find and register for Academy classes
  • Access user manuals
  • Order marketing materials 
  • Find important forms 
  • Contact support 
  • Rewards program


Establishing a current system architecture of the VitoApp we were able  to begin to build key forms for the  web based app.

Creating a web based app we were able to combine important tools such as the Academy Registration, Rewards Program, Manuals, Product registration, into a one stop shop tool box  for contractors, installers, and administration.

Systems Architecture

Viessmann Orange

To create a more user friendly work-flow the VitoApp was migrated from a Native app to a Web-Based app. By doing so this installer and contractors have more flexibility between mobile and desktop.


Web Based App Landing Page

Web Based App Login Page

V-Orange was created with third-party developers to migrate existing native app, VitoApp, to a web-based app V-Orange. 

V-Orange is a  form builder created to implement and update digital workflows. By improving on existing workflows

Key Performance Indicators 

  • Warranty Registration
  • Usage + Onboarding
  • Retention Rate
  • Lifetime Usage 
  • Google Analytics

Style Guide

Viessmann is a global company with offices on every continent, therefor it is imperative that all projects are compliant with brand guidelines and style guides set by Viessmann’s head design office in Berlin, Germany.

Viessmann Manufacturing Brand Guide

Viessmann Design Thinking

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